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My3Tech provides quality information technology professionals for our clients’ temporary and permanent staffing requirements. As a full service and consulting technology organization,My3Tech offers the unique ability to provide the exact personnel mix to maximize your IT project objectives with the highest quality of professionals available in the industry. Our professionals are constantly trained and retrained to meet the challenges of the frequently changing technology market.We believe in developing in-depth relationships with our employees, consultants and professionals.
At My3Techwe realize that we can be only as successful as the professionals weemploy. So we always look for new talent to join our growing creative team. A career in My3Tech is not a static job, but is made up of different environments and technologies. With the personal growth of an employee in mind,My3Tech allows employees enjoy the freedom and responsibility to manage their own careers. Global exposure, diverse technologies, training and development, flexible working hours and fun - work life in a nutshell @ My3Tech.
My3Tech provides consulting services with the best possible rates in the industry and has a proven track record of delivering high quality and state of the art business critical solutions in the industry, which is also explained by our employee-oriented policies. We are specialized in providing consulting services in various areas.
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  • Business Consulting
  • Healthcare Consulting


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