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ECommerce Placement is a premier executive search and recruitment firm with offices in.We are exclusively focused on direct-hire recruitment for the internet industry and placed candidates across a wide range of roles. Our clients include top internet retailers, SaaS companies, eCommerce providers, online payment companies, and many more. Ecommerce is no longer just an online catalogue and a shopping cart. You need ecommerce software that enables you to provide a seamless, cross-channel, multi-tier shopping experience across all digital and physical touch points. My3tech Web Sphere Commerce can help you achieve this, supporting all selling business models, including B2C, B2B, and B2B2C, through one ecommerce implementation. Your customers want to shop and buy whenever and wherever they choose. Ecommerce software from My3tech helps you provide your customers and partners with a personalized, seamless shopping experience, whether they interact with your brand via the web, mobile devices, social media, call centres or in-store touch points. This means consistent ecommerce catalogues, pricing, promotions and discounts across every channel, regardless of how they come into contact with your brand.