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Application Design

Application Design involves gathering and analyzing the customer business functions, then designing an application solution to meet the prioritized business requirements. The first step in this service is to establish a charter, which defines the scope and responsibilities for this service. The final step is a presentation of options for meeting customer business requirements such as:

  • Buying a solution
  • Developing a customized solution - may be multiple options
  • Sharing of developed technology
  • Making procedural recommendations such as changing the way business is currently performed
Applications are customized to meet the needs of customers. Software Application Development provides cost and personnel savings because the customer does not have to establish or maintain professional technical staff or coordinate their technology needs as it relates to a development project. The service allows the customer to concentrate on their core business. Cost avoidance, through good communication, is realized as result of project management skills. Because the software was implemented by the DoIT, staff is familiar with the application and can provide more efficient ongoing support. The service is competitively price because rates are for time and materials only.