In today’s competitive times cost alone is not going to be a factor behind the success or failure of a product, it is going to be product quality. A high quality product will ensure long term relationship between the supplier and the customer ensuring business benefits for both the parties.

Today, management of product quality has become an integral part of product development lifecycle. Every organisation is laying stress on building an effective process that is well supported by systems to enforce stringent quality management of their products.

1. Quality Control

  • What: The activities or techniques used to achieve and maintain the product quality, process and service.
  • How: Finding & eliminating causes of quality problems through tools & equipment so that customer’s requirements are continually met.

2. Quality Assurance

  • What: Prevention of quality problems through planned and systematic activities including documentation.
  • How: Establish a good quality management system and the assessment of its adequacy & conformance audit of the operation system & the review of the system itself.

We my3tech provide an integrated and comprehensive approach to product quality management.